Our Beliefs

Doctrinal Beliefs of Stanthorpe Baptist Church 

 1.  The Lordship of Jesus Christ:  Christians everywhere confess that Jesus is LORD.  The life and practices of Queensland Baptist Churches affirms the sole and exclusive Lordship of Christ.  No other authority should be permitted to usurp Christ's position as Lord of all.

2.  The Authority of Scripture:  The Bible, as the true record of God's revelation, is the supreme written authority for our faith and practice.

3. Regenerate Church Membership:  Baptist churches consist of believers, those born anew by the Holy Spirit, who have freely responded to serve God together.

4. Believer's Baptism:  Being a believer's church, we affirm that baptism is for believers only and that full immersion is the appropriate mode for baptism.  

5. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit: The presence of one Holy Spirit in the life of every believer draws believers together into the community of faith.  The Holy Spirit is the source of spiritual gifts which bring vitality to worship and mission.  Baptism of the Holy Spirit occurs upon repentance and a profession of faith in Christ.

6.  The Priesthood of all believers: There is no intermediary between God and mankind except Jesus Christ.  Every believer is called upon to fulfill the ministry of the Church, to worship God and bear witness to His good news.

7.  Congregational Church Government:  The Church has the freedom and responsibility to conduct it's own ministries.  Whilst affirming the place of leaders to guide the congregation, the local Baptist congregation of members has the final authority, under Christ, for the life and mission of the Church. 

8.  Servant Leadership:  We exhibit a strong commitment to developing, identifying, installing and releasing, visionary, gifted, anointed, Godly, servant leadership; who whilst leading, are still accountable to God through the Church meeting.

9. Liberty of Conscience: We accept that no one can coerce a person to believe, no one can force a Church to accept a creed.  Central to Baptist identity is a strong commitment for total religious freedom.

10. Diversity of Practice: As a Queensland Baptist Church we exhibit a strong commitment to diversity of practice and methodology in ministry between Churches believing that this allows for congregational creativity, expression of unique personality, matching of local needs and resources, and the possibility of mutual enrichment.

11.  Evangelical Christian Doctrine:  We exhibit a strong commitment to the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the evangelisation of all people in obedience to the Word of God.


Church Life & Ministry - Our Values

Discipleship First:  Our Vision statement is "To Become More Like Jesus" therefore we value the process of life long discipleship.  On-going, continuous spiritual formation is essential for the life of every believer.  We place discipleship as being the most important aspect of our life as believers.

Strong Biblical Teaching:  We recognize that it is the Word of God coupled with the work of the Holy Spirit that promotes faith, Christian maturity and life transformation (Romans 10:17).  We therefore come together to spend time reading, studying and reflecting on the Word of God.

Prayer:  We place high value worshiping God through prayer and believe that prayer ultimately promotes continued spiritual formation.   Prayer is an expression of faith & demonstration of our belief that God hears us.

Church (Ecclesia):  By definition the Church is the assembled believers.  Stanthorpe Baptist Church belongs solely to the Lord Jesus (Matthew 16:18).  No person, family, group, denomination or minister holds ownership of the Church.  We recognize as believers that we are all sojourners here on earth and are only passing through from our temporary state to our future eternal state (Philippians 3:20).

People - One Body: All people, regardless of ethnic background, gender, religion, social status or abilities, are equally valued by God. Thus, we believe in equality, love and respect of all people.  Our lives should be a genuine expression of God's character of love, mercy and justice.

Kingdom Minded:  We recognize that God's eternal Kingdom comprises of believers from differing Christian denominations.  We therefore do not focus solely for the growth of Stanthorpe Baptist Church but rather for God's Kingdom as a whole.  This means we will work together with other Christian churches and organizations for the benefit of the Kingdom of God.  

Unity of the Spirit:  It is the work of the Holy Spirit that brings unity to the Lord's Church. We therefore seek to be those who pray daily for the filling of the Holy Spirit.  Acts or actions that lead to discord, division or dissension among believers go directly against our Church life values.  

Relevant to Our Local Community: We value our local community and therefore look for opportunities to engage and relate to all people of all backgrounds and ages regardless of religious affiliation.  We will intentionally seek to remain relevant to our target community in worship & ministry styles so that there are fewer barriers to the acceptance of the Gospel.  

Forgiveness:  As believers we have been forgiven and reconciled to our creator and we seek to facilitate reconciliation of non-believers to God. We value the biblical precept of forgiveness to produce healthy relationships between people.  We will be those who seek to grow in humility, gentleness, teachability and contrition of heart.  

Empowering People for Ministry:  We believe in being intentional in our investing in both men, women and children to develop them as leaders for both present and future ministry of the Church.